Gambling psychology in Asia

PUBLISHED: July 10, 2018


There is a saying in china “if you want to know how lucky you are, go for gambling”. Gambling is associated with Asia since long ago that it has become a kind of culture for Asians. Record shows that the Asian people are more addicted to the gambling as compare to others, around the world. However there is so many restriction over gambling or casino industry in Asian country, in spite of that Asian are prone to gambling. As many governments consider casino industry as a way of money laundering, crime or corruption. Instead of that people from Asia have a lenient overview regarding casino industry.

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Culture influences gambling

There is some cultural activity which promotes gambling. For example, Chinese play Mah-Jong, which is more or less a gambling activity and people there are having no problem with that. In India, people play cards in the divine festival of Diwali. All family members play it together in terms of a social gathering, but, eventually it is a kind of gambling when money is considered. Koreans have some other social connection with gambling, on New Year’s holiday or on thanks giving day they also pay cards and at the end some money is putted into the game. So these are some social culture of the Asian country which really promotes gambling in Asian country.

Gambling winner matter of luck

In these Asian country gambling is also consider as meter of luck. The Asian cultures superstition, luck notions and numerology also have some significant role in gambling. The result of gambling gives a view in accordance to know luck factor in one’s life. Asian promotes gambling as a symbol of a good fortune like if you win at casino or gambling game you have a great fortune and you have great fate.


Since gambling is a part of culture in Asian society, more people are addicted to this game. Interestingly, they think that this is a game of chance which determines how lucky you are. The government restricts this kind of activity. Proper casino is not that much viral in these country but gambli9ng on the name of culture is frequent .In recent year, by the introduction of internet online casino has became more popular in Asia as well as all around the world. One more issue has came under consideration that gambling addiction is not just a moral issue now days but a mental issue as well because greed sometime create a suicidal problem after losing all in gambling.

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