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UPDATED: July 10, 2018

There are so many exciting facts about casino which is really amusing. Mostly in Asian country casino is not so legalized but there is lots of funny stories related to casino, mostly in Las Vegas, US. Since casino industry comes under Entertainment industry, so defiantly there will be so many stunning and funny stories about casino like who was the pioneer of legalized casino, why fruit pictures are there in slot machine, how Crescent School is related to casino industry and many more. So here, we are going to discuss some known or unknown facts over here.

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A perfect myth

A myth has been spread about casino, it pump oxygen to the gambling floor so that gambler would have concentration on gambling. But it is not true in any way because casino could not pump oxygen to the gambling floor. It is a kind of psychology generated long year ago so that during gambling player should have full focus on gambling.

Pioneer of legalized casino was a women

Maybe Stoker a citizen of Las Vegas was the first person who got license in casino industry; many years back in 1920.She was an honored wife and mother. However, she opened casino on her name as her husband denied to be associated with this casino industry at first. In the beginning she had opened only five games which was legalized, they were stud poker, draw poker, lowball poker, 500, and bridge. The slot machine was full with the picture of fruit because there was actually supply of fruit flavored gum during early 1880s. And the machine also supplies the token which ask to exchange for cigar and drink before taking out coin in 1888. But now a day there is no fruit gum or fruit’s picture since online casino has been came.


These are not only the funny fact about casino, if you want to be indulge in a fun and happening career, there is school for gaming and bar tending known as Crescent School of Gaming And Bar tending. This school can train you for well paying job in casino industry. Within three week you will be ready to bar tend. These were some unknown and funny fact about Casino industry. However this casino industry is full of pleasure but still it is a game o chance. In one day you could become rich from a poor guy and same as it can also turn your whole prosperity into penury.

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